Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Little Red Elf

I recently found this book on Scholastic's book order website. I could only find it as an E-Book from Scholastic though so I ended up ordering it from Amazon. It is a Christmas version of The Little Red Hen. 
We acted out the story using character bibs and props. We used a large pine cone, a small Christmas tree, lights and ornaments, a watering can, a mixing bowl and spoon, and a wrapped box for a present. We also used bubbles. Whoever played the penguin each time got to blow bubbles. Of course everyone wanted to be the penguin! 
Then students worked with elbow partners to retell the story using picture cards. 
Since we are working on nouns and verbs again, we did a noun/verb sort. We sorted persons, things, and actions from the story into "nouns" and "verbs."
We wrote about what we would do if we were the Little Red Elf. Would we let the animals open the presents or would we keep them all to ourselves?
Tomorrow, we are going to look more closely at the Little Red Elf to analyze what kind of character she is. We are going to make a bubble map to show the Little Red Elf's character traits. You can get the unit here


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