Sunday, November 10, 2013

Forces at Work

Last week we were very busy learning about force and motion. We learned about friction and the force that moves a roller coaster. Then we pretended to ride a roller coaster and find out how the force from a roller coaster moves you.

We read The Three Little Pigs. Then we brainstormed other forces the wolf could have used to knock down the pig's houses.
We read lots of books about motion. Then we acted them all out. 

I set up all kinds of stations where my students could experiment with forces and motion. They took turns pushing and pulling each other in our class recycle bin. 
Spinning Tops
Blowing Bubbles
Making different kinds of ramps. Experimenting with Friction. Seeing if things roll or slide. 

Throwing and rolling different types of balls. 
We made a Bridge map to show the different ways things move. 
We graphed our favorite way to move. 
We compared things that you push and things that you pull. 
We learned that some things change shape because of a force. We experimented with this idea by pushing and pulling on play-doh to change its shape. 
We tried to make heavy things easier to move. 
We rolled large marbles fast and slow, side to side, back and forth, around and around, and in a zig zag.

Just found this book about force and motion. It was new to me.

My teammate, Nicole, made this graph with her kids to introduce the study on force and motion. I loved how she used the wheels to make the graph and what a great question to get started with. You can see that a lot of kids started out with some misconceptions about motion. Love her fun colored cars too!
You can go here for more about these activities, the clip art for them, and some other force and motion ideas. 


Sharon Dudley said...

April, I love that you chose to blog about experimentation and science. I feel sometimes like we get so wrapped up with reading that science sort of gets left out. Thank you so much for this post today!

Yesterday I put up some ideas and a freebie for social studies, another subject that is often left out. If you have a second, drop by! :)

Sharon Dudley, NBCT
Teaching with Sight

The Science School Yard said...

LOVE your ideas. I am working with kindergartners for the first time as their science teacher this year and I am working on a force and motion unit right now. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. They will really add to my unit! I will post some pictures to share your ideas! Can't wait!

Renee at Science School Yard

Heidi Butkus said...

Another awesome post with excellent teaching ideas!
Heidi Butkus

Tiffany said...

What great, hands-on activities! Your classroom looks like an awesome place for kiddos to learn!

Chrissy said...

I've just added your unit to my wish list! The additional literature ideas are very helpful.

And, thank you including me in your blog list--that made my day!
Chrissy at ReadWriteSing

Anonymous said...

Where did you find your cute pictures for the push and pull sort.

Mrs. Larremore said...

I purchased them from Scrappin Doodles. They are all in the unit :)

Rachel said...

I am creating lesson plans for a graduate course I am in right now. What are the rights for viewers in using the information you share on this site?

April Larremore said...

Anyone is welcome to use any thing I have posted :)

April Larremore said...

Anyone is welcome to use any thing I have posted :)

Justin said...

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