Sunday, September 1, 2013

The First Week of CAFE and the Daily Five

The first week of daily five and CAFE. What did I do?

CAFE and the CAFE Board

This week I focused on the strategy listen with understanding from the emergent menu. Every time I read a picture book or from a chapter of Junie B. Jones I referred to the strategy card and icon. On Thursday I moved the strategy to the CAFE board. Once I did this I continued to physically touch the strategy before each reading. By Friday my students could tell me how we needed to listen for understanding, what that meant, and why it was important. They were also familiar with the word strategy. On Thursday I also added the strategy identify front and back cover. 

I started the 7-10 minute mini-lesson/15 minute round of daily five schedule. Since we are not building stamina yet, I used the 15 minute round time to teach a lesson from Kim Adsit's Blasting Off With Reader's Workshop Unit. I divided each lesson into three parts so that I could teach one part during each round and complete one lesson per day. 

I started each morning with my comprehension strategy lesson. This was my read aloud for the morning. Then I used a poem activity from Deedee's August/September poetry unit for my second mini-lesson (accuracy). I varied my third mini-lesson each day. Some days I taught another accuracy strategy lesson and other days I taught a fluency lesson. 

I am working through all of Kim's lessons in the unit up to the three ways to read a book during the third week before I introduce building stamina. So many of my books were damaged by my students last year. I am trying to avoid that by spending even more time on how to hold a book, turn the pages, etc. 

Last year I color-coded my shelf and book boxes with different colors of duct tape. I did this so my students could find their book boxes faster and easier. This year I did not want to spend the money on duct tape and I did not like how I had to scrub the sticky off the shelf when I pulled it off, so I went with clear packing tape and colored strips of construction paper instead. I taped colored strips onto the shelf. Then I used a marker to color code each book box. This way was much cheaper, faster, and easier than the duct tape method. 

Next Week's Plans: We will continue reviewing and practicing the two CAFE strategies we already learned and add a retelling strategy. We will also continue on with the next week of lessons from the Blasting Off Unit. 


Renee Dinnerstein said...


I would love to see a copy of your daily schedule (the flow of the day.)


Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

I second Rennee's thoughts. You have such great ideas! Your students are lucky!

Rebecca Hart said...

Yes, yes, yes I third. I've taught the upper grades for 7 years and new to Kindergarten, so any visual idea of how to break it down would DEEPLY appreciated!

Mrs. Larremore said...

Here is the schedule I am working with right now.

8:10-8:20 students arrive, school announcements and pledge and breakfast in the classroom

8:20-10:25 CAFE, Daily Five, and Writing
7-10 min mini-lesson (comprehension)
15 min daily five round
7-10 min mini-lesson (accuracy)
15 min daily five round
7-10 min mini-lesson (accuracy or fluency)
15 min daily five round
Share Out about daily five rounds
Writer's Workshop
10:25-10:55 recess
10:55-11:25 lunch
11:25-12:30 read a chapter from a chapter book
Science/Social Studies
12:30-1:20 art, music, or p.e.
1:20-1:35 snack
1:35-3:00 math/math workstations
3:00 pack up
3:15 dismiss

I oftentimes have to integrate parts of science and social studies into my morning read aloud and writing time.

Mrs. Clancy said...

April I love this post!!! I was just making my CAFE board and thinking about my lessons and I can't wait to come back and reread and take some notes. Thanks for the wonderful post this week. I have changed schools this summer so the last few weeks have been crazy for me so I can't wait to read your blog this weekend! Melissa