Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Properties of Apples

Earlier this week I posted about exploring properties of matter and learning about mass you can check out those posts for more background on those concepts. Here is how we finished out the week.

We used primary balances to explore mass. I gave each table a balance, a small can of play doh, and some type of counter. I modeled again how to use the balance and how to take turns. Then I had my students work in a small group to place counters on the balance and balance the counters and the play doh. I had planned to have my students explore mass using several different objects during this lessons, but understanding how to balance the two sets of objects proved to be rather difficult for them so we ended up only using the play doh can.

We revisited properties of matter, this time focusing on color. I sent a note home with my students earlier in the week asking them to bring a apple. Each child was assigned a specific color of apple to bring. We sorted our apples by color. Then we changed out the real apples for picture representations of them. 

This activity was more for our fine motor skills than for science. We still need lots of fine motor work! I found these super cute apples from First Grade Blue Skies. You can check out the rest of Jennifer's apple week plans here


Christie Neise said...

Great ideas for that unit thanks for turning the wheels in my head!

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