Friday, September 13, 2013

Learning Why We Need Jobs

This week we have been talking all about jobs and why it is important for us to have jobs or why we need to have jobs. We have read lots of books about different kinds of jobs. We charted why we needed jobs. We made vehicles from You can find the dimensions for the vehicles under "themes" and "directional art activities."

I modified the vehicles just a bit so that we could make different ones all at one time. The base for all of the vehicles is basically the same so we all started with two rectangles. Everyone was able to clip off a corner to make the cab part of the vehicle and then glue both pieces together. Then we all made the wheels and lights together. We need lots of practice in cutting in my room so cutting corners and rounding is something we need to do a lot of. I pre-cut the front windows and everyone glued them one. We added the door to the garbage truck, the sign on the ambulance, and the firetruck ladder at the end. I wanted the kids who made dump trucks to add cheerios to the top of their trucks to represent the load they were carrying, but we ran out of time.