Saturday, August 17, 2013

Focused Mini-lesson Resource List

As I started thinking about lesson planning, I realized that in order to teach all of my ELA lessons in a mini-lesson format, I needed to be very focused in my planning and my teaching. I decided to start by searching for resources that would make planning my focused lessons easier and faster.

Please leave a comment if you can suggest any other great resources for any of the CAFE menu categories.

C - Comprehension ( I listen to and understand stories that are read to me)
(read-alouds and shared reading)
-literary response sheets and character webs from Joyful Learning in KC
-comprehension posters from Live Love Laugh Kindergarten
-text to self connections
-retelling rope
-act out stories
-sequence stories in the pocket chart

A - Accuracy (I hear, work, and play with spoken language)
-poetry stations and shared reading from Deedee Wills
-Chit Chat Morning Messages from Deanna Jump
-thinking maps from Joyful Learning in KC (letter/sound bridge and circle maps)
-phonological awareness curriculum - text based & common core by Hello Two Peas in a Pod

F - Fluency (I know letters, sounds, and words)
-poetry stations and shared reading from Deedee Wills
-Mini Phonemic Awareness Moments from Vickie Plant
-Alphapalooza Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Fun by Deanna Jump

E - Expand Vocabulary (I am aware of print and how to handle a book)
-WOW words from Joyful Learning in KC
-poetry stations and shared reading from Deedee Wills


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