Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Go For a Drive.... and Do Some Writing!!

Last week I went in search of a sequenced narrative writing lesson idea. I wanted a lesson where I could give students an actual experience to write about. While searching for a writing lesson, I found a p.e. one that inspired me. Of course I wrote the blog and post down on a piece of paper which I accidentally threw away. Uggghhh!! If it was your post that I describe below, please comment and let me know.

I found a p.e lesson where kids partnered up and went for a ride in cars. Hula Hoops were their cars. The students pretended to drive on bumpy roads, up hills, in the mud, etc. I decided to do a writing lesson around taking a drive.

I wanted to start with the book Let's Go For a Drive by Mo Willems, but I couldn't because it doesn't release until October :( It will be the perfect book for this lesson when it comes out!!

Since I could not use Let's Go for a Drive, I used Duck on a Bike. This book worked well too and the kids loved it.
 Before reading, I told students that while I read I wanted them to pay close attention to where duck was riding, what kind of road he was on, what he saw, and where he went. I wanted to get them thinking about these details to get them ready for thinking about their own story.

After reading and discussing duck's ride, we took a ride of our own. I had the kids choose a partner, decide where they were going to drive to, and who would be the driver. Then we were off!! We rode up hills and down hills, we rode fast and we rode slow, we made windy turns, bumped along on rough roads, and got stuck in mud. Before we started off on our drive we talked about obeying traffic laws such as following speed limits and not crashing into other cars.

After our writing adventure, we talked about where we went, how the drive was, how long it took to get there, etc. As a whole group, we wrote our stories. I offered guidance, modeling, and discussion for most of the class, while the more advanced writer's moved ahead on their own. Bobbi's (Joyful Learning in KC) five finger story planner is perfect for this type of sequenced writing. Check out her post Writing Workshop the Rushers!! for more information on the planner and a free download.

Providing students with a concrete experience for writing made the task more engaging and relevant. It can be difficult for students to write about a topic that they have very little experience with. When possible, provide students with real objects, videos, pictures, literature, or real-life experiences to help them make connections to their writing.


Angela said...

I love the hula hoop "driving"!!

I also read Joyful Learning in KC and wanted to leave a quick note to say it's actually written by Melissa. Love her posts!

Thanks for the heads up on the newest Mo Willems release!!

Mrs. Larremore said...

I think it came from her class blog though and not her teacher blog Joyful Learning in KC. What is the name of her class blog? It is in my blog roll, but I cannot find it with all of the others.

Thanks for letting me know it came from her. I love Melissa!!