Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pick and Draw: A Drawing Game

I recently came across Rich Davis' site and his game Pick and Draw. Rich Davis is an artist and kid's presenter. He has illustrated a number of children's books including Tiny Goes to the Library, Firefighters to the Rescue, and 101 Ways Kids Can Spoil their Parents. Below are a few of his other titles.
Rich has also developed a great game called Pick and Draw. Pick and Draw is a fun, drawing game that teaches kids how to make creative cartoon faces. The game uses simple shapes kids already know giving them the confidence to draw even when they oftentimes feel they can't. It is a game that can be used with one child or by a group of children. It also encourages children to use their imagination and creative thinking. 

Believing that drawing is an important early step in writing, I am always looking for ways to teach children how to draw and to build their confidence in doing so. I tried out Pick and Draw this week with a group of kindergartners and it worked great. We played the game in small groups, drawing all kinds of faces. I extended the activity, by having students write a sentence about the face they drew. I heard lots of "This game is fun" "I like this game" and "Can we play again?" The teacher I used the game with is now moving the game to her writing center so that her students can continue to practice their drawing and writing skills by playing the game and writing sentences to go with their pictures. Check out Rich's Pick and Draw website for more information.


Peace Love Kindergarten said...

I tagged you on my blog because you were the first blog I ever read! are still my fave! :) Come check out my blog for the details! I would love to see your answers!

Mrs. Russell's Class said...

Thanks for sharing this, April! As a teacher who doesn't draw well this game is perfect for me to share with my classes! I just ordered it and can't wait to get it!