Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Country vs. the City

I just found this great comparison lesson from Life in First Grade. I love to use venn diagrams when comparing things with students. I think sometimes with all of the thinking maps out there, we forget about using venn diagrams. My students always seemed to do a much better job making comparisons when we used a Venn than they did when we used a double bubble map. Check out Leslie's post Last Week in Pictures for more information and ideas for using The Country Mouse and the City Mouse.


Rachelle said...

ADORABLE!!!!!! I love those!

Ms.M said...

How cute. I will have to add it to my City and Country
mural next year.\

Ms. M
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Lyndsey said...

Too cute! I love how you incorporated writing into this activity. This would tie in well with my Social Studies unit on rural, urban, and suburban communities.

Thanks so much for sharing!


Jenna said...

Love this :) Very cute.

Edana said...

Awesome! I did something similar {not as nice though :P} towards the beginning of the school year. We use Houghton Mifflin Reading series and its one of the first books we read. I'm definitely pinning this for next year :)


Jon Snow said...

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