Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turtle Time - Creating a Schema Chart

The kindergartners in my friend's classroom finally got settled in and I was able to start teaching lessons with "Shelly" the turtle this week. We decided that I would teach one lesson each week using the turtle, so watch for upcoming weekly posts. For the first lesson, we started a schema chart so that we could see what we already know about turtles and then we all got to touch Shelly. We are working up to holding her. Shelly was a little nervous on her first trip out of the cage.


Next week, we going to read some nonfiction turtle books, post our new learning to our chart, and see if we have any misconceptions. (If you want to know more about schema, check out Debbie Miller's book Reaidng With Meaning. Her book Teaching With Intention is also very good).  I

In next week's post I will include some great turtle books I found.

Over the next several weeks, I am going to teach lessons on the parts of the turtle, its life cycle, basic turtle needs and characteristics, what turtles can do, and of course we will do some fun turtle writing and crafts.

Here are the signs I used to make the schema chart. You will also find words for the brace map and tree map in this download.
Turtle Schema Chart


Kinderpond said...

Very awesome! I will save this for my reptile unit :)


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