Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Inch Tall

Based on the poem "One Inch Tall" by Shel Silverstein.

Write the poem on a large sheet of chart paper or print out as a poster. For younger students, you may want to add picture clues.

Have students act the poem out as they read it. This can be done by each student taking a different line or by everyone doing it all together.

Have students brainstorm a list of things they could do if they were one inch tall. Then they can finish this sentence and illustrate it - "If I were one inch tall __________."

Give students small pieces of pipecleaners cut to one inch. Have them measure objects in the classroom and see how many inches tall they are.

Have a discussion about how we usually grow taller as we get older. Make some comparisons between students in the class, those in older grades, and adults. Discuss how there are things we can do as we grow taller that we could not do when we were shorter.

One Inch Tall

If I Were Only Once Inch Tall

Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni is a good companion book for this poem.

For a fun activity and free download to use with this book, check out this new blog I just found The Weekly Hive.


Jessica said...

I love that poem, so adorable!! Thanks for sharing. What a cute activity!I think I will use it for text to self and mental images.

Stephanie May said...

Love this activity! I will be pinning it on my pinterest board so that I am sure to use it. Thanks for sharing!

Amber Unger said...

As I'm sitting here thinking about our upcoming Measurement unit, I thought to myself, "Who is a great teacher / blogger that would have lots of measurement ideas to share?" I'm glad I started with YOU! Thanks for all your wonderful posts. :)