Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Big is a Foot?

We read The Foot Book, How Big is a Foot, and How Many Feet in the Bed then we measured our feet to see how many cubes long they were. We made a graph to see how many people had the same size of foot and who had the biggest and smallest foot.

If you go to the CAMT post, you will find a link to the master for this class book as well as many others.


Kinderpond said...

What is the CAMT post?

and P.S. what is your other blog?


April Larremore said...

Last summer, I did a session at CAMT on making math class books. The post has a slide show of all of the math class books I make with my students. There is also a link there that will take you to the masters for the books.

My other blog is from when I was in the classroom the year before last. There is a link to it on the right side of my blog. It is Kindergarten Chronicles. I have not added to it since I became a k-1 strategist, but you can go there to see things I did with my class.