Friday, June 3, 2011

Deedee Wills Assessment Pack For Kindergarten

I know the year is winding down for all of us, but I know many of you are already looking ahead to next year. In thinking about assessing your students as soon as school starts to see where they are and what they need, you might want to take a look at Deedee's Kindergarten Communication Arts Assessment Pack. Deedee has created a 20 page assessment unit that is aligned with common core standards.
The pack contains assessments for:
Letter recognition
Sound recognition
High-frequency word recognition
Print concepts
Phonological Awareness
Concepts of spoken words
Rhyme recognition
Rhyme completion
Rhyme production
Syllable blending
Syllable segmentation
Syllable deletion
Phoneme isolation (initial sound)
Phoneme isolation (final sound)

The assessments are broken down into a school year with 4 quarters. It is easy to use and easy to fill out. Deedee even provides guidelines to show where students are on the developmental continuum. You can take a look at Deedee's assessment pack at her TPT Store.