Friday, February 18, 2011

Dr. Seuss

Here are my favorite ways to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday. Thanks to Brooke Perry, Catherine Wood, and Jonelle Bell for sharing a few good ideas with me!

Dr Seuss Mini Unit

One Fish Two Fish Addition Mat


Kathleen said...

LOVE all of these Dr. Suess ideas, April! You've got my week planned for me!! :)

Mrs. Saoud said...

You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award.

Jena Snowden said...

Oh! I like using the sherbet on the Cool Whip. I have seen it where green jell-o is put in a deviled egg mold then on top of the cool whip. Great activities. Thanks for sharing!.

smorss99 said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I am always looking for additional Dr. Seuss activities!

S. Parker said...

What a great unit to share with others! Thanks.
Would you be interested in sharing it on my blog? I am having A Read Across America Linky Party.

NYCecelia said...

WOW! What wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing!

sailingintofirstgrade said...

These ideas are great! Thanks for sharing!

Kim @

littleangels said...

These are great for my Pre-K class because they are progressing cognitively so quickly, and now I can use this to challenge them. Thank you for all you do to help others :)

Sarah said...

I do not have a Scribd subscription as I am a new blogger....I have been teaching for 10 years but I am SO HAPPY to find all of these amazing there anyway to download without the Scribd as it costs $9 a month? youngest is still in diapers so there is not extra room in the budget...

Mrs. Larremore said...


You shouldn't have to purchase anything to download the units. It should be free. You might try reading over the information on the site a little more to see if you can figure it out. If that doesn't work, just email me the names of anything you want from me and I will send it to you. :)

Becca said...

Hiya, I have had the same problem as the person above, scribd won't let me download without a paid subscription!

Could you pretty please email the Dr Seuss mini-unit and One Fish, Two Fish template to me at (And any other Dr Seuss things you might have lying around hehe!)

Thanks heaps!

Anonymous said...

I know this is last year's post, but was wondering if I could get the download, too?? I am a new kindergarten teacher and have been reading your blog ever since I got the job last summer! I also had the same problem with downloading from scribd. Is there any way you could e-mail me the mini-unit and the One Fish, Two Fish page? Thanks so much. My e-mail address is Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

If at all possible, could you please email this to me.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a first year kindergarten teacher from Omaha, NE. I would love to use some of your ideas for Dr. Seuss week. Would you mind sending me this unit via email? I am unable to download it without signing up for a subscription.

Andrea Dorsey

Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

This is amazing! I love the fabulous ideas.

As I was reading through the comments I found I have a similar story. Scribd is requiring a fee. I'm not totally familiar with Scribd, but if I'm going to pay a fee, I'd rather pay it directly to you! If it's free, that's fantastic too.

Could you contact me with more info on how to obtain this directly?


Tot Play: A Learning Journey said...

How cute! Love the ideas you posted about in your unit. I would love a copy of the unit and reproducibles. Would you mind sending it to me via e-mail at tlmswt2000(at)msn(dot)com. I am having problems with Scribed.
Thank you,
Tracey M

bwright3 said...

I know this post if a few years old, but I am new to the "blog world" and I love these printables! They would be great to use next week for our Dr. Seuss celebration! Could I please have a copy?? My email is: Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi! This unit is amazing! I just started teaching kindergarten last week, and this unit would be a HUGE help to me. Unfortunately it is 15$ for a day subscription to Scibd and it requires you to buy a subscription in order to download the document. Could you please email it to me?

Thanks so much!!

Barbara Matson said...

I too am new to teaching kindergarten and your blog has been a HUGE source of inspiration to me! But I am unable to download the Dr. Suess unit as well. Scribd is requiring a $9 fee to do so and I noticed in your comments you said it would be free. Could you email it to me too??? I would greatly appreciate it!

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