Monday, January 31, 2011

Teachers Pay Teachers Units

Brooke has recently posted a few great units to Teachers Pay Teachers that I wanted to tell you about. If you have not celebrated the 100th day of school yet, then I highly suggest Brooke's 100th day unit!! and if you have, then I would buy it for next year. My favorite activities are the love bug with 100 parts and the 100 things we love writing, the time tree map showing things we do in 100 seconds, 100 minutes, and 100 days, and the 100 day mural.

From her valentine unit, I love the cupcake measuring, long and short vowel sort, and the valentine snowmen. She has several valentine units posted- m & m addition and subtraction and ABC order are just a few.

And for Groundhog's day, Brooke's unit has a great non-fiction book about groundhogs to use with the lessons in it.

To buy Brooke's units go to her Teachers Pay Teachers Store.


Mrs. Harris said...

Am I so out of the loop? My calendar says that GroundHog's day is Wednesday!?!?

Mrs. Larremore said...

Its not you!! Its me!! lol!! I have lost track of time with everything I am doing!!

Unknown said...

This link did not take me to her store specifically..just to the TPT site. What is her store listed under?

Anonymous said...

What program do you and/or most teachers use for their websites, newsletters, etc..