Sunday, January 16, 2011

snowman glyph

Here is a snowman glyph I have done with my class in the past. I changed the key up a little and I am going to use it this week with a class of kindergartners.

Here is the version for kinder students.

Snowman Glyph kinder -

Here is the version for first grade students.

Snowman Glyph first -

Here are the patterns.

snowman glyph patterns -


Sass Class said...

The download for the first document doesn't work. . .the patterns do though. Thanks so much.

Kinderpond said...

Nothing, it won't download for me at all :(


Mrs. Daniels First Grade said...

I cannot get any of them to download.

penny w said...

Thank you- These are adorable.

To download click on menu- then click on Download doc. Hope this helps


Mrs. Daniels First Grade said...

Nope tried that and it doesn't work. Still cannot download any of the doc.

Cindy said...

I can't download them either.... :o(

smorss99 said...

Thanks for sharing. YOU truly have inspired me! It is completely because of you that I started my own blog.

I would love for you to check it out!

foolishme03 said...

Very cute - it downloaded for me - only thing is the Legend is VERY SMALL - 4 very small square Legends print on a little more than 1/2 a sheet of 8-1/2 x 11. Why NOT a full-size Legend?? Also the Analyzing Our Glyph Tally Chart and Snowman Glyph Key cuts off on the right margin - rendering it kind of useless. Just thought you might like to know from the "printing" end. Cute project :)

calpers said...

I am unable to download the precious snowman glyph and patterns. I would love to download it. : ) Thanks for checking this April! Welcome back! You were missed this week!
Cindy in South Carolina

Mrs. Larremore said...

Please email me if you can't download from this post and I will send you the documents through an email.

Shauna said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us. I look forward to using your wonderful ideas!Excellent blog!

Mrs. Daniels First Grade said...

Can you please email me this download. Thank you!

christy said...

I can't get it show, but not words. :(

Crayons and Curls said...

I can't download this either :(
Thanks for sharing! :)
Crayons and Curls

kinder-gardener said...

These are wonderful. Your blog is one of my favorites.