Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to School Ideas

The following are all ideas, words, and pictures taken straight from Mrs. Jump's Kindergarten Web Site.

When we can recognize the letter and say it's sound we add that letter to our Chicka, Chicka tree.

This is a chart for our Monster Glyph. I love making glyphs in the classroom. I create my own to go with our themes.
Glyphs are a great way for students to learn about creating and analyzing data.

We sorted our monsters by color

We analyzed our data and recorded our results

We learned about Rainbow color order by making our name mosaic's.
These will stay up all year to help us learn how to read and spell our friend's name. We used this activity to count and graph the number of letters in our name. And to compare names to see who's was longest, shortest, etc...

We have fun learning about letters and sounds using the first letter in our name to sing a silly song.

These pictures and ideas came from the Kinder by Kim web site.

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All of these ideas are just amazing and i really like these and will share with my connections. Thanks for sharing these here in this post.