Saturday, May 17, 2014

Digital Media Literacy

This week we learned about media literacy. We focused on digital media. We made an anchor chart to show some of the most common types of digital media. 
We created a graph to show our favorite reasons for using digital media.
This recording sheet came from a unit my teammate created. We used the computer and the website to research animals. This unit also contains activities about cyber safety. You can check out my teammate's unit here

We wrote about how we use digital media and how it helps us. 
I like computers. I like computers because I can play Starfall. 
I like to play on my iPad. I like to play Subway Surfers. 
It helps us learn to read. 
I like to hear (here) music on my phone. 
I like to watch Netflix. 

You can get the pieces for the anchor, digital media research writing, and graph here


Paul Bear said...

I especially like the graph created with pictures of each student. Very creative, as well as educational for adults... Gaming wins.

Paul |

patricia padilla said...

I truly like your idea about introducing technology to our young children. Great idea about having the vocabulary word next to a picture icon to help our English Language Learners make the connection. I also liked how you integrated the lesson across the curriculum. The graph was a great idea for the students to see the visual representation and having the students write about is always a plus. The writing piece made the lesson more personal to the child and they were able to write their opinion about their preference.
I believe that the technologies that benefit young children the greatest are those that are interactive and allow the child to develop their curiosity, problem solving and independent thinking skills.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and will definitely be implementing your great ideas with my class next school year.

Alex john said...

Very nice work for the preschoolers.
really love it..

kidtown usa said...

Good ideas for introducing digital media to kids. I am also running preschool and I found your ideas and concepts much helpful. The best thing is that you have use picture chart which makes kids learning much easy. Thanks!

clinical observership said...

Its been pretty important for the students to think in accordance with the same probable facts as mentioned above.