Monday, April 7, 2014

Seasons, Weather, and Rain

We are back to tracking and learning about weather. We are keeping track of the weather each day using a large table. A different student gets to record the weather everyday (they look out the window, report the weather to us, and cut a shape out of paper to represent the weather). Students wrote about something they like to do in a particular kind of weather. 

We made a graph to show which season is our favorite.
We wrote about what we do in our favorite season. 

We read the book Rain. This book is great for a simple introduction to the water cycle. 
We made a map of words about rain. 
We acted out the water cycle.

We wrote about playing in the rain. 
We compared two seasons using a venn diagram. 
You can download the resource here


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love these ideas! how old are these children?

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