Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Sun

We wrapped up our study of objects in the sky this week. We made a tree map to show what we learned about the sun. Then we made these paper plate suns using chalk pastels. (I borrowed some from our school art teacher).
I used the super cheap paper plates- not the coated kind. Students used orange, red, and yellow chalk pastels to make their suns. They drew concentric circles, alternating colors randomly, from the center of the plate to the outside edge. Then they used their fingers to smear the lines into each other. 
My co-worker, Carina, did these constellation pictures with her students. They used animal stencils to make the outlines. I have done something similar to this before using animal shaped cookie cutters and paint instead of stencils. You can find other posts about the sun and stars here

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Stephanie Schuler said...

Good to see that you're continuing with your study of science and the solar system! We recently completed a partnership with Tinker Toy that advocated learning in the 21st Century! The kids had a great time!