Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Cat in the Hat

This week, we are using the book The Cat in the Hat to focus on character analysis, comparing characters, text-to-self connections, predicting, and writing lists and invitations. You can get the words, clip art, and recording sheets here.

We described the Cat in the Hat. 
We compared the Cat to Bad Kitty. 
I wanted to compare the Cat to another character, but couldn't figure out who. 
My teammate Carina came up with the great idea of using Bad Kitty. 
We did a directional drawing activity to draw the cat. 

We made text-to-self connections with the Cat. 
(Sometimes when it rains I am bored.)

(I am like the cat... When I go to the pet store.)

(When my family comes off the bed and I do a cartwheel.)

Tomorrow and Friday we are going to make predictions about what will happen next. Then we are going to read The Cat and the Hat Comes Back and find out what really happens. We are also going to make a list of things the cat played with in the house (nouns) and we are going to write an invitation to invite the cat to play with us.