Saturday, March 8, 2014


We have been learning about landforms. Here are the things we did this week. You can get all the words and clip art for what we did here

Here are a few good books we read.

This series is great for individual landforms. There are some good Rookie Readers on landforms too. 

We learned about rivers and oceans. Then we compared them to one another. 

We acted out all of the landforms to try and help us remember what they are. 

We brainstormed all of the different kinds of landforms. 
We made an anchor chart to show what landforms are and how they are formed.
We made a tree map to show some of the types of landforms. My students worked in small groups at their tables to create each landform. Then we came together as a whole group, shared about our landform, and put the tree map together. 

We sorted landforms into water formations and land formations. 

We used this great freebie from Sarah's First Grade Snippets as a quick assessment to show what we learned. 
We used the landform charts from this Continents, Oceans, and Landforms unit by Linda Kamp to play a game with. I read the description of the landform and students tried to guess which landform I was describing. They loved this! 

Today we focused on islands. After reading and writing about islands we made these yummy islands to eat. 

Our islands are a modified version of a pin I found on Pinterest. I really liked the idea of making all of the landforms, but I wanted to make it a little easier for my little ones to manage so we focused on only making the island. I thought about putting the ingredients out and letting them choose one to make, but in the end I went with just making the island. You can see my pin here. Unfortunately, the pin does not lead anywhere so I do not know who to credit :(
Here are a few other ideas I came up with for creating landforms with food. 

plateau- Kit-Kat bar pieces
canyon- Rolo pieces (position close together with blue icing for a river in between)
desert- a plain graham cracker
sand for beaches or the dessert- crumbled up Nilla Wafers or graham crackers


Linda Mooney said...

These are excellent ideas! Thanks!

Cathy said...

I love using thinking maps and your landforms tree map is wonderful! Thanks for all your ideas!

Rochelle Rasheed said...

Love the idea. What did you use for the plains?

Mrs. Larremore said...

The plains are green icing and green coconut on a graham cracker.

Rochelle Rasheed said...

Thank you

Tonia said...

You put the fun in landforms! My kids will love the project with frosting, crackers,etc.
Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas! What are the little hills? I can't tell! The mountains are kisses I assume? I'm still trying to think of an idea for a forest too!

Bermudian gifted student said...

We really like your landform blog! Check out the one I made for school-

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