Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Writing Captions

Today we focused on the nonfiction text feature captions. We learned what a caption was. We looked at examples of captions and we matched pictures to their caption. 
Since some of my students would have a hard time reading this text, I passed out the pictures of the animals to students. Then read a line of text and as a class they decided who had the picture that went with my caption. 
I passed out pictures of animals to partner groups. Then students talked with their elbow partner about phrases or sentences that would make a good caption for their picture. 
Then we shared out our ideas and discussed why they would or would not make a good caption of the picture. 
We read this book for the lesson because it had several good examples of captions in it. I also wanted to be able to focus on two animals for writing captions since this is a new concept for my students. 
I had them choose a sloth or a toucan (because there was information about them in the book). I also gave them a picture to color because I wanted to really focus on writing the caption. If my students had more experience with this or were older then I would have had them choose their own animal and draw it themselves. 
We really zoomed in on how a caption tells about what is in the picture. It does not just state a fact or tell about something in general. 

This student drew in a tree branch because she wanted to write that toucans live in trees. 
You can find my captions resource here


Amber O. said...

This resource looks great! I always have a tough time trying to get my students to remember that word "caption". They always get it confused with "labeling" which we do a lot of, so this looks like something that would be very valuable!

Kelly Burlinski said...

Thank you for sharing. I have been working on labeling and need to work on captions. This looks like the perfect activity!

Jennifer White said...

This looks great! You are awesome! =)
First Grade Blue Skies

Alicelewis said...

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