Sunday, February 23, 2014

We started learning about the sun and stars this week. We made a schema chart to get our learning started. We also compared what we recently learned about the moon to our new learning about the stars. We used shiny gold paint and glitter to paint stars.

My class wrote what we added to the Venn on their wipe boards while one student wrote the idea on a sentence strip to add to the Venn itself. This keeps everyone busy, learning, and engaged. 
I placed paper plates of gold paint and glitter in the middle of each table. Students painted the entire piece of paper gold. After the paper dried, they drew a star on the back of it and cut it out. 
We will continue our learning on the sun and stars next week. Click here for more posts about the sun and stars and here for my sun and stars unit. 

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Stephanie Schuler said...

Love this activity! Anything that helps kids visualize their thought process is great in my book!