Thursday, February 27, 2014

Real Object and Pictorial Graphs

Here are a few more things we did with graphs this week. We used balls (my p.e. teacher bagged up a bunch of different ones for me) to create a real object graph. Then we moved the real objects to a pictorial representation.

We started by referring back to the anchor chart we made earlier in the week. This anchor chart came from Kim Adsit's Graph It! unit.

First we posed a question. I asked my students what kind of ball they liked to play with. I let my students choose a ball from the bag. You could also have them bring in one of their own from home. Then we collected the data by sorting the balls into groups. 
We used the balls to make a real object graph. 
Then each student replaced their ball (real object) with a picture of it. 

This graph came from Kim's Graph It! unit. I posed the question "Would you want a kiss or a band-aid on your boo-boo?" My students filled in their recording sheets while I modeled for them in a whole group. We collected data by having students answer the question and recording their response with a tally mark. 

After we collected the data, we made the graph. I made a graph with the whole group while students filled in the graph on their recording page. 
I enlarged the pictures from Kim's small graph to make the large graph. When each student answered the question I gave them the picture that went with their choice. They colored it and brought it back to the carpet. We went around the circle, students answered the question, added their picture to the large graph, and marked the picture on their own recording sheet. 

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