Sunday, January 19, 2014

Work Word and Read to Someone Update

Time has gotten away from me with my daily five posts. It has been a slow process because I am determined we do it well so we get the full benefit from it. We added work work back in December and just started to add read to someone this past week. Here is a quick summary of how I added these last two rotations.

Each morning when my students come into class they choose which rotation sequence they want to go to. I have strategically chosen the pictures so that I never have more than 4 or 5 students in word work at a time.
I have used various units and activities for word work over the last few years, but these two units are my favorite so far. The kids really enjoy them and stay engaged and working while completing them. This Pocket Full of Kinders unit is only $4 and it is awesome. We practiced each of these activities as a whole class and with my supervision in a small group for a couple of weeks before I moved them into the rotation chart and let them do them independently. 

Sight Word Construction by Karen Jones

Students also use letter cookie cutters and these word cards to make words out of play doh. They can make the words by cutting them out or rolling the play doh to form the letters. 
They use the magnetic letters and stamps with the word recording sheets I showed above. I keep all of my word work materials in baskets that look the same on a shelf together. Students have access to highlighters, stamps, magnetic letters, cookie cutters, and word cards. They use their own scissors, glue, and crayons. 

Word work is the one station that sometimes drives me crazy because of the clean up. This is why I limit the number to no more than 5 students at a time and why I have them work in one general area. Some teachers prefer their students do different and separate activities and spread out around the room so that they do not talk while they work. I have tried that too, but in the end I am happier with it this way.  

This week we started work on read to someone. The lessons I taught each day came from Kim Adsit's Powerful Partnerships unit. 
We created this anchor chart throughout the week as we practiced reading with a partner. This anchor chart is in Kim's unit.
We practiced how to read with someone when we read a book together. We learned to share the books and take turns reading.
We practiced how to sit together and read a book when you both have a copy of the book. We practiced pointing to words and reading them at the same time as our partner. 
This week our choice chart looked like this. I took my students back down to one choice rotation because everyone had read to someone as their first choice every day this week. I plan to do this one more week. Then I will set the chart back up the way it was, but with read to someone as a choice too. Next week we will move further into Kim's unit and talk about how to talk and share about the book we read with our partner. 


Kim and Megan said...

I always feel a little smarter when I read your posts! Love them all. Thanks for sharing my unit.

Mara said...

when your students do word work do they have a choice or do they have certain things that are mandatory during the week?

Mrs. Larremore said...

I give them the choice. I have the same words for all the activities. The word work area is close to my small group table so usually I look over periodically to make sure anyone using play doh is also making sight words.

Liz Marie said...

I am struggling with my word work stations right now. Of course this may be because we haven't had a normal week of school since Dec. because of weather!

How many different activities do the students get to choose from in word work? Do you just focus on sight words or cvc words also? I don't know if I should limit the number of activities they can choose from. Thoughts?

Mrs. Larremore said...

I only focus on our word wall words since all of my students can use work on them. I use sheets from the two units I showed and word cards for play doh. Between the two sheets students use stamps, magnetic letters, highlighters, crayons, glue and scissors. Rather than just have students make words with magnetic letters students follow the recording sheet and make them on there as part of completing it. These sheets with a variety of activities on them seem to work better than when I just had students make words with different manipulatives and record them. If my students get tired of making words with play doh then they can switch to one of the activity sheets. If they finish one sheet they can do another. I think these units have really helped the organization of my word work rotation. I hope this helps.