Friday, January 10, 2014

What's the "Dirt" on Soil?

This week we learned about soil and why it is important to us. Here are a few of the things we did with soil.

We created a schema chart to get the unit started.
We made a chart to show the definition of soil 
We learned why soil is so important to us. We created an anchor chart to help us remember. 
We really focused our learning on how soil is useful to use every day. We made a circle map to show all the uses of soil. 
We learned about all of the places where we can find soil. Wow! Were we surprised that soil can be found in so many places!
We learned about all of the things you can find in soil. Then we created a brace map to help us remember what we learned. 

After we learned about all of the things you can find in soil, we sorted the things into categories. We also talked about living (organic) and non-living (inorganic). 
We learned about the ways worms work to keep the soil healthy and why it is so important for soil to stay healthy. We also explored soil with worms in it to see how they burrow and move around. 
We learned why soil is important to plants. Then we made a soil mural to show the different layers we talked about. 

We graphed whether we thought soil was dirty or clean. Then we learned the difference between soil and dirt. 
We explored soil using our senses of sight, touch, smell, and sound. Then we recorded our findings. I purchased the coarse blend potting soil from Home Depot so that it would have more than just soil in it. I used basic potting soil for the worm exploration. You can find all of my soil resources here


Carol Cobb said...

Awesome! Read this and then went and grabbed your TPT unit on this - Thanks!!

Kelsey said...

What read aloud books did you use with this unit?

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