Monday, January 20, 2014

We read the book The Twelve Days of Winter. Then we retold and sequenced the story using pictures and numbers. 
We made text-to-self connections.
We started out trying to write an acrostic poem about winter itself, but my students kept connecting everything to the book so we ended up with a poem using the word winter, but written about the story. 
We took words from the story and sorted them into the number of syllables they have. 
We took nouns from the story and sorted them into the categories- person, place, and thing. 
We finished up the last week of the nine weeks this past week, so we were still reviewing adding and joining, and working with the numbers 0-15. We used five frames to help us easily see how many groups of five there were in the numbers and sets we were making. We rolled large dice to generate the numbers we made. 
We used two different colored dice to join two groups together. 
After exploring and practicing this in a whole group, we did the same activity independently. All of the resources I used are available here


Jennifer Buttrey said...

Where did you get your pictures for retell? And the text to self sheet? Love those!

Justin said...

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