Friday, January 10, 2014

Sensory Details Poetry

This week we learned about poetry and sensory details. We used the book Owl Moon as a springboard for writing a sensory detail poem. Owl Moon is perfect for teaching about sensory details because Jan Yolen is very specific and detailed about what the young boy hears, feels, sees, and smells. She even brings up how his mouth tastes and feels. We took each sense and explored the different things from the book that related to that sense. Then we wrote a poem. We made paper plate owls with scrapbook paper wings.
Today we wrote a sensory details poem about winter. We based it on the book Winter is Here! First we wrote the poem. Then I showed my students how we could take away the "I" statements and still have a sensory detail poem about winter. 
We went back over the poem and talked about how each word used our senses to give us a visual picture in our heads. Then we made snowflakes to go with our poem. This snowflake activity came from the TLC Lessons Winter book


Anonymous said...

I love the sensory poem. Before Christmas vacation we were writing poems using adjectives and senses. This would be a great review!

Julie said...

Love those owls!! So cute!

Tony You said...

I wonder if you can share how the lesson was presented to the children and how the DOL was written?
I want to use for activities in my lessons but I end up with worksheets and am looking for more ways. I also work for DISD