Saturday, January 25, 2014

Informational Text Features

This week was DEAR week in our district so we ended our week with a visit from a special reader. My sweetie, known to my little ones as Firefighter John, visited our classroom and read books to us about firefighters. I used John's visit as a springboard into our study on informational text.

Here are the books John read. They are a mix of fiction and nonfiction texts. 

I used a Scholastic nonfiction book about firefighters and Kim's Diving In unit for this lesson. First I read the book and we used labeled arrows from Kim's unit to label the nonfiction text features in the book. Kim's unit has a great piece on flamingos that can be used for this lesson. I wanted to connect it to what we were already doing so I used the book about being a firefighter. 

After reading the book, labeling the non-fiction text features in it, and working with a partner to find examples of the features we made this anchor chart. All of the words and labels came from Kim's unit. I used examples from the firefighter book for our chart. Next week we are going to continue on through the Diving In unit and add on to it using Kim's Informational Writing unit

On a more personal note, I just celebrated my 42nd birthday with an amazing surprise birthday weekend that made it the best birthday ever. I am very thankful to be 42 and to get to go to work each day and teach the little ones in my class. 


Kim and Megan said...

Thanks for sharing. I always love to see how you change and adapt things.

Gracjan Marlikowski said... uk - As a teacher, what do you think about such services>?

Busy Bees said...

Happy Birthday, April! We all are so lucky to work with little ones each day! Love the firefighter books and the informational text twist~

Yvonnee said...

Happy Birthday!

Amanda Neighbors said...

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful ideas!!!

Stephanie Schuler said...

Awesome! We just finished up our annual Winter pen House and had TONS of guest speakers/readers as well!

Rebecca Virginia said...

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