Friday, January 31, 2014

Bold Words, Fancy Letters, Colored Words, and Headings

This lesson's focus for nonfictional text features was bold words, fancy letters, colored words, and headings. We zoned in on a firefighter's gear and tools for this lesson. Each student chose the piece of gear or tool they wanted to write about. Everyone started their sentence with "Firefighters have" then they add a bold printed word for the part of gear they chose. The they wrote a sentence about why firefighters use that particular piece of gear or tool. Before drawing their firefighter they added a heading with fancy letters and colored words. Again we talked about how nonfiction illustrators use these features to teach us new information and show us what is important. We also talked about why headings and these types of words can be helpful to the reader. 

In advance, I typed up in dark bold print the words boots, pants, coat, helmet, gloves, and tools. For headings, fancy letters, and colored words I found a font my students could color in. We added the heading before drawing the picture.  


Stephanie Schuler said...

Excellent drawings! I bet the kids would love it if you have a real firefighter come in and talk to the class!

Kim and Megan said...

I love your non fiction ideas.