Friday, November 22, 2013

Using Verbs with The Little Mermaid

We used the book The Little Mermaid today to learn more about verbs. We used this version from Barnes and Nobel. It was short and simple with great illustrations. I found it in their bargain section for $7. 

As we read the book we pointed out verbs (action words) and acted them out. Then we brainstormed a list of action words for the things mermaids do. I made writing starters for mermaids and mermen. I did not make my girls be mermaids and my boys be mermen. I let them choose which one they wanted. I had a lot of boys who wanted to be mermen. 

We drew pictures of mermaids and mermen, finished a sentence with a verb to show what our mermaids and mermen were doing, and glittered potion bottles just for fun. Of course the fun glittering idea came from my glitter friend Shelly. She has kindly agreed to share her potion bottles with everyone, so click here to download them from Google Docs. Thanks Shelly :) You can click here to download the sentence starter too. 


teacher said...

Please post some info on assessments/grading! As a kg. teacher, I really struggle... is this too easy/hard? What do some of your current assessments look like in both reading and math? Do you have any type of common core checklists to keep track? What do your report cards look like...standard grade (a, b, c, d, f/ ESNU) or checklist type? HELP!!!!!!!!

The Science School Yard said...

Love the idea to draw a picture and fill in a sentence for our littles. I have been trying that more and more in my science classes. Thanks for the posts.

Renee at Science School Yard