Monday, November 18, 2013

A Room Full of Turkeys!

We just can't get enough turkey in our room! I guess it's because I have a room full of little turkeys!! Lol. The cutest little turkeys in the world that is!

Today we read my favorite Thanksgiving book- A Turkey for Thanksgiving. We predicted what we thought the story would be about and then retold the story by acting it out. This story is one that easily lends itself to dialogue by the students. It was easy for them to speak for the animals by saying "can I go with you to find turkey," "I saw a fat turkey by the river," "will you carry me with you", etc. My kiddos had a lot of fun acting out this story. They loved being turkey and trying to run away.

I loved their ideas for other ways Moose could have caught turkey- introduced himself so then turkey would introduce himself back, dress up like a turkey himself, hide in the bushes then reach out and grab him, and tip toe to sneak up on him.

Here is one of my little turkeys trying to run away.
And here she is... a happy turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. 
My student's sequenced the story using picture cards and then retold the story with their elbow partner.

This one was my favorite!! (cheesecake)

We read 10 Fat Turkeys and retold the story using a fence and 10 little turkeys.
Do you love my little turkey in the middle?? 
This week we are moving up to the numbers 11-15. We are also working on counting up and how many fives are in the number we are working with. We started out with a few numbers less than 10. Then we focused on the numbers 11-14. I made these large 5 frames the same way I made my large ten frame. 

Life-size Five Frames 
Materials needed: bulletin board paper, dorm tape or colored masking tape

Five Frame Dimensions: 18 inches X 65 inches 

1) Tape off the entire edge of the long strip of bulletin board paper.
2) Use a yardstick to mark off the boxes every 13 inches.
3) Tape over the lines made to mark off the boxes. 
4) Laminate the frame. 

After we worked with groups of five as a whole, my students practiced independently. First they made their own turkey five frames. Then they rolled a die to see how many ones they needed. We only used the numbers 1-5 today. If they rolled a six then I had them roll again. You can get all the turkey resources for both these books as well as the ones I plan on using later in the week with Turkey Trouble and One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims here


Brittani Black said...

I LOVE your Save a Turkey! Eat More... writing idea! :)
Mrs. Black's Bees

Vaanadhi said...

Everything looks amazing to me as I am very new to this domain.. Trying to be a Teacher.. Need to learn a lot from Experienced people.. :-)

Kinderaffe said...

Love your creativity with retelling. I just read that book to my class today. Have to try your retell. I know my class would love it.

Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.

Eat more chocolate!

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