Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When the Leaf Blew In

We have been using books about leaves to retell, make inferences, and count up. We read When the Wind Blew In. It is perfect for making inferences. We used the illustrations and our schema (what we already know) to infer what the animals were thinking and feeling. When we acted out the story we also made the faces the animals did in the story and talked again about the inferences we made.

I know we have been acting out a lot of stories lately, but it has really helped my students with retelling and comprehension. We usually act out the story 2-3 times so that everyone gets a turn. Retelling using the characters is really helping my students too. For right now, it is working much better than beginning, middle, and end. I think all of this character retelling now will help us get to beginning, middle, and end sooner and to do a better job at it when we get there.

Didn't my student do a perfect job of making the cow's face when he acted out the story :)

Making inferences is new to us so this was a little difficult. My students finally inferred that the cow was surprised, the cow was scared, and that the cow was going to get hit with the leaf again, sneeze again, and get the animals all excited and worked up again. 

We are still working on nouns and verbs. This book is perfect for this too. There are lots of animal names and actions in the book. We sorted picture cards of the animals and their actions into nouns and verbs. Then we acted out all of the verbs in our sort. 

After the nouns and verbs sort I felt like we needed a little more work on nouns and verbs. I wanted to use the same book so that I could build on the work they had already done. We did a much better job after we made this bridge map. My students wrote the words on their wipe boards while one student helped write the words for the bridge map. I chose a few animals from the story for us to use. Then I had my students choose different actions than the ones the animals did in the story. We brainstormed several and the writer got to choose the one he or she wanted to use. 

We read We're Going on a Leaf Hunt. Then we retold the story using the settings. This was the first time we did this. After all of our character retelling they did a really good job with this. Then we made fall leaves to go with our retelling map. 
We acted out the story as we retold it. 

We used leaves and our giant ten frame to practice counting up to 10 from different numbers. 
My students made their own sets and counted up on their own ten frames while we did it on the big one. For example: I placed three leaves on the ten frame. Then we counted up from 3 to 10. We did this over and over counting up from a different number each time. 
I placed leaves in our counting jar this week. I found this large sparkly leaves at Walmart. 
This idea came from Investigations. Students count how many objects are in the counting jar. Then they make a set of the same number using another object. Then they record how many were in the set they counted and made on a post it. This student made his own set by stacking cubes into a tower. Then he drew a picture of 9 things on a post-it. 
This student matched one cube to one leaf. 
We made torn paper trees and torn paper leaves. Then we practiced decomposing the number 10 using the torn paper leaves. Each student had 10 leaves. They decomposed them into two groups with one on either side of the tree. After we practiced for awhile students made their own and glued everything down. 

You can find the unit which contains all of the clipart, recording sheets, and leaf project here


Mrs. Phillips said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing.

We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

I am so glad I clicked this post today. I am doing my lesson plans for next week and know I know what I am doing !!! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi Butkus said...

What a lovely week and a great group of children! I loved all of your activities!
Heidi Butkus

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