Saturday, October 26, 2013

Technology and How it Helps Us

We have been learning about technology in social studies. We talked about all of the different kinds of technology, the ways technology helps us, and the ways technology has changed over time. 

We talked about what technology means and what it is- physical devices that help us - any tools, machines, weapons, appliances, and instruments that help us. It is anything that helps us create, communicate, solve problems, and/or acquire knowledge and skills. 

We made a venn diagram to compare technology we had then and technology we have now. Some pictures really could go in one or the other or both. I let my students lead this discussion and we grouped pictures based on their thinking. If they could justify their thinking then I accepted wherever they said the picture went. 
We brainstormed all of the different ways that technology helps us. Then we sorted pictures of different types of technology into the different categories. We talked about how some of the technologies help us in more than one way. You can download all the technology pictures I used here

We read Arthur's Computer Disaster. Then we made connections with Arthur. 

Here are a few books we read about computers and technology. 


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