Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sources of Light and Rainbows

We have been learning about the following ideas: there are multiple sources of light, light makes color, we use our sense of sight to explore light. Here are a few of the books we read.

We read about light and brainstormed sources of light. We created a circle map to show all of the sources of light we could think of. You can get the pictures and words for the circle map here
This is not a very good picture, but we used small prisms and flashlights to explore light and look for rainbows. These little prisms were not the best. I have used a large water prism in the past. They work the best. They are great for placing in a window, letting the light shine through, and watching rainbows move across your room throughout the day as the sun rises. 
We made a rainbow brace map to show the different parts (colors) of the rainbow. I found this idea in a blog post that Kim Adsit made Then my students made their own individual rainbows. 
To make the individual student rainbows: I gave each student the following pieces:
1) 9X12 red
2) 8X11 orange
3) 7X10 yellow
4) 6X9 green
5) 5X8 blue
6) 4X7 indigo
7) 3X6 violet
Students clipped the top corners and rounded each of the 7 rectangles. Then they glued the pieces on top of each other and cut an arc out of the bottom. This project was super easy and fast to do. I would have loved to have done what Kim did and have my students paint their own rainbows, but I just did not have the time. 


Heinrich Blogs said...

I love your blog. I just used some of the bat ideas as we learned about mammals. I love your anchor charts, which I am using more and more. I just hopped on over to see what was new and wow, great ideas for teaching light to our youngers using some of our new standards.

Ashley said...

These are great ideas for teaching the senses! Thanks for sharing!

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