Friday, October 4, 2013

Moving on to Numbers 6-10

We used the Cheerios Counting Book to make sets of numbers 1-10. I read the book up through the number 10 and then I stopped. During each counting lesson we make sets, learn about number cardinality and conservation, count left to right and right to left, count backward, and identify the numbers.

We used leaf math mats from Deeanna's unit Critter's in my Garden and we used links for our caterpillars. 

We used scrapbook paper for this counting activity. I found scrapbook paper with ships and sharks on it. Then I made circle hoops out of construction paper. You can make your hoops larger or smaller depending on what number you are working with. This idea came from Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Adventures of a First Grade Teacher

At the beginning of the week we were still working with only numbers to 5. We used the interactive chart Five Speckled Frogs from Kim Adsit.
We worked on decomposing the number five. This recording sheet was inspired by Deeanna from Golden Gang Kindergarten. You can check out her duck decomposing activity here. I had my students break towers of unifix cubes to help them decompose five. They also matched the cubes one to one to check their work. We did not record equations yet because we have not gotten to that in our curriculum. 

We use the rest of our math time each day doing number sense routines and math stations. Several people wanted more information about my math board and the number sense routines I am doing. I will post more about that next week. You can find the original math board and number sense routines post here


Stacey Kaiser said...

Are the number cards also from Deanna's unit?

Mrs. Larremore said...

The number cards came from a different unit. I cannot remember where they came from though. They may have just been a freebie. If I locate the source, then I will leave a comment letting you know what it is.

Anonymous said...

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