Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Can I Read Words and a New CAFE Strategy

Last week we focused on ways we can read a book. I used lessons from Kim Adsit's Reader's Workshop unit Digging Deeper. We started the week with how we can read some words fast and how we can look at the pictures. We made this anchor chart throughout the week. I really think all of Kim's anchor charts are making a huge difference in my student's learning. We make the charts together and I keep them up on the easels on either side of my rocking chair for about 5-7 days depending on how long we are really focused on the information on the chart. At the end of that time I move the chart to another place in my room where my students can read them during read to self time. By the time I move the charts my students know what is on the chart, can answer questions about the information on the chart, and understand the information they learned.  

My students worked with their elbow partners to find words in text that they could read fast. Specifically, they looked for words on our word wall. (This lesson came straight from Kim's unit). 
We used this charting activity to practice using the pictures to help us read words. 
By the end of the week we finished up our anchor chart with using the first letter to help us read words. We used this charting activity to practice using the first letter to figure out the unknown word in each sentence. 

This is another elbow partner activity that we used from Kim's unit. My students worked together to use the first letter to figure out the unknown word. They love doing these elbow partner activities. 

We continued our work on making connections with characters. My students are really starting to understand how to make connections between themselves and the character. 
I introduced looking for the "big" idea or main idea of a story. I found this idea on Pinterest. This is how I used it. I showed my students a mixing bowl, icing, a cake mix, and sprinkles. I asked them what they thought the "big" idea was that I was thinking of. I explained that each of the items I showed them were details to help them figure out my "big" idea. They generated ideas such as making a cake, baking cookies, and making cupcakes. Then I added a cake pan as another detail to my "big" idea. This was the clue they needed to figure out that my "big" idea was making a cake. Then we reread Goldilocks and the Three Bears and looked for the "big" idea of the story. 

We decided that the main idea of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is that you can get into trouble, be hurt, or have bad things happen to you if you disobey and do not follow directions. We moved from drawing just our faces to drawing our whole bodies this week. We drew Goldilocks. 
We finally moved from learning to draw our faces to drawing our whole bodies. We worked own drawing our selves all week long. I have hit reading extremely hard since school started. I have done this in order to try and make my student's writing stronger. We have done a lot of group writing, letter sound sorts and stretching, and dry erase board writing. Now we will start moving forward faster with independent writing. 

We did some charting and interactive writing. We also used wipe boards to practice writing sentences by starting with a capital letter and ending with a period. We made it to 13 minutes of stamina this week. We consistently stayed at 8 or more minutes each day this week, so I am ready to add work on writing to our rotations. We will start next week so I am prepare to loose a few minutes of stamina :( but I hope we can build it back up quickly. I found a few great ideas for celebrating and building stamina on Pinterest today. Check them out here on the new Pinterest board I just started. 
We are still retelling stories using the characters too. This is the CAFE strategy that we added last week. My students are really getting great at this. Using the characters really seems to help them sequence the story. 

We have spent a lot of time on beginning sound sorts and dabber activities and added using the first letter to read words so the CAFE strategy we focused on this week was "identifying beginning sounds in words". 


futureteachergetsschooled said...

What a great idea for teaching "main idea!" It is something my cooperating teacher and I (I am a student teacher) struggled with last month. The cake idea will be a good way to review it with them and present it in a new, visual way.

Gina Marie said...

Hi April! I just stumbled upon your blog during my search for using the CAFE board in kindergarten. I have been doing Daily 5 with my kindergarten class for the past 3 years, but never quite knew how to squeeze the CAFE board in. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I am happy to be your newest follower!

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