Friday, October 18, 2013

10 Hooting Owls

We read the book 10 Hooting Owls, made these owls, and then used them for counting and solving word problems.

We placed 10 owls in a line on the carpet. Then we reread the story and acted it out using the owls. Different students took turns "flying" the owls away and then counting the owls that were left. 

We also used the owls to practice number cardinality and number conservation. I moved the owls around in different ways and asked how many owls there were each time to make sure my students understood that since I did not add any or take any away there was still the same number. 
I made up problems and my students used the owls to find the answers to my questions. For example, "There are 4 owls sitting in the tree, how many talons are in the tree?" The student who answered the question shared how they solved the problem and modeled it for the class. 
After we solved several problems together my students solved a problem on their own. I like how the student below actually labeled her answer by drawing eyes beside it. You can download this recording sheet from Google Docs

This is how we made the owls: 

I gave each student 1 6X6 square for wings, 2 3X3 squares for eyes, 2 2X2 squares for the black part of the eyes, 4 1 1/2X1/2 squares for feathers. 

I had my students clip the corners and round to make circles out of all of these pieces. 

Then I gave them a brown 9X12 piece of construction paper. They clipped the bottom corners and rounded. Then they drew a "U" at the top and cut on their line. 

They glued everything they had together. Then they added wiggle eyes. 

I gave them a pre-cut beak and talons. They glued those on last. 


Learning with Mrs. Brinn said...

These are too cute! I bought this book at the beginning of the school year, and now I have a great activity to go along with it-thanks! :0)


Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

I love your math posts!

Jessica Onyszczuk said...

How do you find time to fit in all of your wonderful and thorough activities????

Mrs. Larremore said...

Jessica- Sometimes I have to split lessons up over a couple of days. I also integrate when I can. My students are excellent at clipping corners and rounding now so our crafts go pretty fast because that is all they usually involve.

Megan said...

Love these activities! I also appreciate your blog so much. Your posts give me such wonderful ideas and get my own creativity going as well. You are also one of the few bloggers whose every post isn't an advertisement for your TPT products. (Although you do have awesome TPT products, too!) Thank you!

Veronica Welch said...

Hey Larremore,
Great post. Thanks a lot for sharing.I'm a primary teacher. Definitely I'll follow this interesting idea in my school.

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