Friday, August 30, 2013

What's in a Name?

I recently found a name unit that has become one of my favorite. It's Karen Jones' Pre-K/Kindergarten Name Activities for the beginning of the school year. I like the unit because it has a lot of simple fun activities that can be used for practicing name writing. Several of them can be used over and over easily.

I love the pocket chart activity. There are letters and words for sorting names by the letter they start with, letters in the name, and by consonants and vowels. The unit comes in color, but I am a little worn out from paying to print so much in color so I have been copying in black and white lately. The dry erase names and magnetic names are also favorites. All of the activities are great for whole group, small group, and word work or literacy stations. They are also easy to prepare. You can learn more about all of the other activities in the unit here.

I found this name mosaic idea from Melissa at Joyful Learning in KC. Melissa purchased small color squares from Lakeshore, but I cut mine from bright colored copy paper. I cut 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch squares. I placed a plateful of squares in the center of each table. Then I showed my students how to put glue on the letters and lay the colored squares on top of the glue. After everyone's name dried we shared them and named all of the letters in each person's name. 




great idea. love it :-)

Barbara Leyne said...

Thanks for sharing. I like doing name activities with my ones:)

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Christie Neise said...

Such a great pocket chart activity for reviewing/teaching letters. I pinned it!