Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pond Life

We started our study of ponds and pond animals today. We made a circle map to show all of the things you can find in and around a pond. These are the plants and animals we will be learning about over the next few days. The black lines for the circles do not actually show up in this picture for some reason.

We are making a pond mural. We started with the lily pads today. I will post pictures throughout the week as the mural comes together. 

I found these lily pads here. They are the ones we are making. We painted the plates today and will finish the water lilly flower part tomorrow. 

a few of the pond books we will be reading this week...


cynthiajohnso said...

Thank you for sharing your list of Pond books that your class is enjoying! I will teach ponds for the first time starting next week. I requested as many as I could from the library. Thank you for the ideas!!!!!

MrsS said...

Thank you for this post! We do a pond unit every year and I now have some great new books to add to my list and a new way to make water lilies!

Mrs. Whary said...

Love those lily pads!!!!! Awesome list of books too :-)

Jackie Jane said...

I remember most of these from my childhood :0 What a great reminder to dig through my stuff for items for my own child.