Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring is Here!

We have been reviewing what we have learned this year about the seasons focusing primarily on spring this time. We wrote about some of the signs of spring and made birds that just hatched in their nest.

To make the nests, my students cut up brown paper lunch sacks (I have a ton sitting on my shelves and not much to do with them) and glued them onto their colored paper plates. To make the birds, my students clipped the topp corners of rectangles and rounded the edges. Then they added wiggle eyes and beaks.


robyn said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Suzanne Sweeney said...

These look so cute! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Paul said...

These are adorable!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

lauren said...

Wondering why you write in two colors during interactive writing? Vowels r a different color?

Kinderaffe said...

Love the "up" balloons. Will be doing this when we study the letter "U". Thx! Check out the recipe for worms and dirt I just posted on my blog! Would go perfectly with your adorable nests!!
Happy spring!

Mrs. Larremore said...

The students write in one color and I write in another. If they figured out the letter(s) for the sounds they hear then they write the letter(s) with their marker. If I have to tell them the letter then I write it. At this point, I have to write very few letters. Most of the ones I write have to do with silent letters and blends or vowel digraphs.