Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Living and Nonliving Things

This week we are learning about living and nonliving things. We started our study off with a schema chart and a pre-assessment sorting activity. I wrote on post-its as my students shared their background knowledge on living things and a few questions they had.

Then as a whole group we sorted pictures into living and nonliving categories so that I could learn a little more about what they already knew. They were unsure about people. Some thought they were living and some thought they were not. There were also some misconceptions about things that were living but had died and living things that were no longer on the vine, plant, or tree. 

Then we read a book about living and nonliving and added some post-its with our new learning to our schema chart. You can find pictures for the sort here


Smarty Arty said...

Great Artistic schema Chart shared by you to show the kids about the Living and Non-living things.

Jeannie Partin said...

love this -- we're starting living/nonliving this week!!

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