Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Liberty Bell

Today we learned about the Liberty Bell. We read a nonfiction and a fiction book about the Liberty Bell. Then we compared the two. We read The Liberty Bell and Saving the Liberty Bell.

We read the nonfiction book first. It brought up how a group of farmers had to hide the Liberty Bell during the war. Then we read Saving the Liberty Bell which combined truth and fiction to tell the story of how several men worked together to hide the Liberty Bell from the Redcoats.  

The book told how the crack in the Liberty Bell is about the size of a yardstick.We pulled out a yardstick to demonstrate the size of the crack. 

Then we made these liberty bells. This idea came from Deep Space Sparkle. First we sponge painted the background paper using white and blue paint. 

We painted the bell shapes with gold paint. After they dried we used black paint to draw the cracks. 

We used black and brown crayons to add wood details to the yoke. When everything was dry we put it all together. You can download the bell template for free here

Next we are going to make Liberty Bell Cookies. You can find Liberty Bell cookie cutters from several online sites. This one is from Amazon. I bought pre-rolled sheets of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough. The kids are going to use tube icing to make the crack on the bell. 

A few more great Liberty Bell Read-alouds...


Amy said...

I love your Liberty Bell craft! Great idea!

Teaching Is Sweet

Justin said...

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