Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents and Their Pet Friends

As part of our study on the presidents, we had some fun learning about all of the different pets the presidents have had over the years.

We used the book First Pets: Presidential Best Friends to learn about all of the the wild and tame pets all of the presidents have had over the years. Then we made a circle map to help us remember them and as a springboard for our writing. 

Before we started writing, we worked together to stretch out the sounds in some of the animal names. We shared the pen- the students wrote the sounds they heard and called out and I wrote the sounds they missed. 

Then we wrote about what pet we would want if we were the president. 

We learned about the voting process and voted for the pet that we thought would make the best friend for a president. 

In science, we talked about animal characteristics and sorted the presidential pets into animal types. 

You can find all of the clipart pictures, labels, a presidential pet read-aloud list, and writing/recording sheets here


Jennifer said...

What a great activity! Turned out so cute!

Rowdy in First Grade

Sean Bennette said...

Wow the idea of teaching about different pets is really unique.I know kids have really fun session with president and their pets,I would take your idea to make my kids learn it will be easy for them to grasp about different pet animals.Now a days Kindergarten graduation certificates are available for kids I am sure if these kind of ideas are implemented kids will learn very fast.

Christina Mauro said...

Love this - we are having Cheryl Barnes come to school this week for as assembly and this is going to be a great activity to do after!

Mrs. Mauro's Kinderverse