Saturday, February 16, 2013

Morning Writing for the Week

I recently blogged about my kids writing for morning work. When I first started I gave them one word wall word to use in a sentence. Then I moved up to two words. Some of them use both words in one sentence and some of them write two sentences. I have them stick to one or two sentences during this writing time because it is just morning work and our time for it is limited.

I collected all of my kids morning work writing this week. Then I chose their best piece to display in the hallway.

We play on a scooter.     We are friends.     I like me and dad.     My dog like me. I like her. 

I like Sophia to come to my home to play with me and my dog.     I watch tv on the couch.     I can go to see fireman John.      Yes this is for you Noah. 

We like to play with my dog.     We are on a big apple. We are little people.     Me and my dog play.     I look up in the sky. 

We can play with you.     The dog licks me.     We are on the moon.     We go on a walk.

Yes this is for you.     Do you see what I see? The moon.     I watch tv on the couch.     We are on a cliff. 


Anonymous said...

Love it!! Good illustrators!! I am trying to get my kiddos to do more independant writing, too. If they get time to do a color page...they have to write about the page. I LOVE reading their sentences.

Hollie Fumero said...

I absolutely love this! We sign our name every morning as part of our routine. I think after vacation though I might try this instead. We do two sight words per week so maybe this is a time that I can incorporate those words with getting writing in. Writing this year has been so hard to keep up with, with all of our new things we are incorporating. UGHH. Thank you for sharing your ideas!


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Yvonne Rodgers said...

I LOVE this idea. Our mornings are so rushed! I want to put out quality work that is independent so that I can get all my "teacher stuff" finished in time for our morning meeting time. I think I will give your idea a try! Thanks for sharing.

Chrissy said...

Those are great! I love that idea for morning work too.
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kinder-gardener said...

The illustrations are very good. I have some who rush through to be done. Then, of course, there are those who would draw all day! Do you find not having lines to write on frees them up? I have them include that week's sight word combined with several others in an open ended sentence. I still prefer free writes though! These are impressive! Thanks for sharing!