Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Kisses" Day

I just found this cute book by Joanna Walsh. It's called The Biggest Kiss. It is perfect for Valentine's Day.

In honor of the book and Valentine's Day, we had a "Kisses Day." We had all kids of "kissing" fun!

There is a cute little penguin all through the book so we made penguins. My kids used a kiss stamp to add kisses to their penguin creations. 

We also wrote about who or what we like to kiss and our favorite kinds of kisses. 

The book is full of all kinds of animals kisses so we graphed our favorite kind of animal kiss from the book. Download the graph pieces for free here

Arthur's Valentine is a great book for a "kissing day" too because at the end Arthur fools Francine with chocolate kisses instead of real kisses. This book lends itself to some kiss estimation. Estimate how many Hershey kisses are in a jar. With my little ones I used two jars. The bottom of one jar is covered with kisses. I told my students how many kisses were in the jar and we talked about how that amount covered the bottom of the of the jar. I placed both jars side by side and they use the example one that they know the number of to estimate how many kisses were in the other jar. 
For more Hershey kiss fun I numbered the bottom of 100 Hershey kisses with a sharpie. Then I hid or basically placed them all around the room where they were easy to find. I placed a 100 chart in the middle of our carpet area and then sent my students searching. As they found kisses, they looked at the number on the bottom, brought them back to the carpet and placed them on the 100's chart where they belonged. 

We read Kiss Kiss by Margaret Wild and made our own Kiss Kiss! class book. 

More great "kissing" read alouds...

We ran out of time for kisses subtraction, but you can download the recording sheet for free here. It is part of the set with the graph pieces. Use real Hershey's kisses to solve the problem. Then substitute paper shaped Hershey kisses for the real ones. Glue them down and fill in the recording sheet. Dice or playing cards can be used as number generators. 


Sue said...

Thanks for the cute ideas. I am just beginning to lesson plan for the week.


Kay said...

So cute!! Thank you for posting!! I will have to check out some of these adorable books!


School Sparks Renee said...

What an adorable lesson. Thanks for all of the cute book recommendations. I'll check them out! Renee

Learning with Mrs. Brinn said...

Such cute favorite kiss activities. Your students' writing are adorable! Thanks for sharing!