Thursday, February 7, 2013

Exploring the Moon

We have been busy learning about the moon. Here are the things we have been busy doing.

We read the book I Took the Moon for a Walk. We brainstormed things we could do with the moon and wrote about it. 

We read nonfiction books about the moon and learned about its phases. We wrote facts about the moon, made the phases of the moon and labeled them, and wrote descriptive words to describe the moon. 

We discussed thing we would take with us if we went to the moon any why. Then we made a class book. 

We used a class take home journal to record the phases of the moon. 

We read "WOW!" Said the Owl. We brainstormed a list of things the moon might see at night. Then we made owls. 

We started the unit about the moon by making some predictions about whether we would find life on the moon or not. Then we read some nonfiction books about the moon and went back to our graph to see if anyone wanted to change their answer once they had learned more about the moon. 

 We Read Goodnight Moon. Then we wrote about story and  made this window craft to go with it.

We made several fun moon crafts and activities with the moon and the phases of the moon.

You can find all of the activities we did, the recording sheets, and the craft directions here


Miss Squirrels said...

This makes me sad that this unit has already passed for me- but I am totally bookmarking for next year!
Going Nutty!

Lisa Howard said...

This is great - my daughter is learning about the moon in second grade. I'll make sure to share this with her teacher

Maro's kindergarten said...

I l o v e d the moon crafts you made! Thanks for sharing them!