Thursday, February 7, 2013

Daily Five Update and a Few Questions...

So here is an update on Daily Five in my room. I have a few things that are bugging me about it so I wanted to see what suggestions I could get from my blogging friends.

I have all 5 stations up and running. My kids maintain their stamina best when they are in read to self and read to someone. Word work, listen to reading, and writing tend to lend themselves to some occasional conversations or technical difficulties.

Listen to Reading
My biggest area of concern is listen to reading. I have been using portable CD players and the one student station I have. I added a couple of shortcuts to sites on the desktop of the computer, posted the log in information by the computer, and trained a few kids on how to troubleshoot minor problems. Listen to reading on the computer was a beating for me at first but it has gotten better. The CD players are still a disaster. My kids have broken players and headphones and scratched CD's. I have anyone in listen to reading work on the whole group area carpet and that is also where I have the baskets of players and CD's. Each book and CD and each player and headphones are stored in their own baggies. Everything is close together. My kids have not done a good job putting away the materials in this rotation despite modeling and practice.

A teammate just suggested using larger CD players that plug into the wall with a splitter. This would eliminate the carrying them around, dropping them and breaking them. This would mean I would have to buy several CD players and larger sets of headphones.

How are you doing listening to reading? How do you have it set up? Do you have any thoughts on the problems I am having?

Word Work
Most of my kids are doing well with word work. I set it up so that my students have 6 choices for word work. There is one option in each bucket and all of the buckets are stored on a shelf together. I only allow one child per bucket. Their choices are rainbow writing with markers, stamps, reading rods, magnetic letters, foam fish letters, play-doh, and colored pencils and tiles. They get their words from the word wall. I still have a few kids to try to double up at a bucket, talk to each other while working, or write random things other than word wall words.

Anyone else doing something different that really works? Has anyone else had these problems and found a solution for them?

Read to Self, Read to Someone, Work on Writing
I love how well read to self, read to someone and work on writing are going. I was not sure at first how it was going to go having writing materials in baskets all over the room for kids to use, but it has worked great. I have several baskets that are all the same placed all around the room. There are markers and crayons in the baskets. When my kids go to work on writing they can work near a basket or take a basket with them wherever they want to work. Sharing our writing at the end of daily five is one of my kids favorite things to do.


Mandi Moore said...

We got some money donated and purchased ipod shuffles for our classroom! They are super easy to use and the kids love it! No more cd's skipping, batteries running out, etc. WE LOVE IPODS! Here's the link to my blog about it. Hope this helps!

MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

Mrs. Parker said...

I have used a single computer for years with great success. Here is a blogpost on how I did it.

Anonymous said...

My students log in with their numbers and I save all their programs under favorites, such as starfall. I taught them how to get to internet explorer and click on favorites to find the programs.
Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I use leap pads for listen to reading and the students love it. I don't really have to teach them much about them, they seem to know how to use them. For work on words they each have their own 10 words to work on based on the sight words they are practicing. When they master them, I switch out the words. It is added motivation for them.

Melissa said...

I started using one story and one player. I don't even use headphones anymore. I have either the group that was just with me for guided reading or the next in line at that station. I also use a recording sheet that matches the strategy/ book choice. That way if everyone is listening to the 3 little pigs, they are all filling out a sequencing paper. The best system out of all I have tried!

Mrs. M said...

I agree with what another reader just commented ... I use one player and no headphones. The noise level works fine in my room and it seems to be less chaotic by doing it this way. I rotate my my books quite frequently so that they have many choices to listen to.

The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

Diane Decker said...

Listen to Reading - I have Leap Frogs (3) and a cd player that I keep the same story in for a week or more - depending on use (I try to get everyone a chance to hear it) and then they go write a response in their reading journal. - I do like the idea someone above gave about a response sheet -
Our school has purchased Raz-Kids - they find their name on and listen and take quiz - also starfall is good - I give them an assignment (which story to read) then they go write the rhyming words or something to go with it
Word Work - I have them do magnetic letters, wikki stix, write on/off boards, clipboard and write the room, I alos have them do a word sort during this time - either beginning sounds, ending sounds, rhyming, etc.

BTW: I love your blog and reference it ALL the time.

Jill Williams said...

In my room I have Listen to Reading with computer and from a CD player. Two kids listen to stories from: Tumble Books or Storia. The other 2-3 students listen to a story from the CD player. I'm wanting to get some MP3 players to expand this and make it more mobile.

Word Work: I have some donated discarded cell phones that I've placed apps. My favorite is the Super Why app. I also asked the tech department for some unworking keyboards for students to type their popcorn words on.

The devices could also be used in Listen to Reading because there are so many cool book apps out there now.

rlawruk said...

I really believe the group of children you have makes a difference. some groups are more "destructive" with things while others are not. My kids last year were really good with the portable cd players. The kids this year still cannot get how to turn them on. However some of my kids last year were "destructive" to my materials. This p roblems. Continually showing how to use the materials..model the wrong way and right way and if they don't follow...they cannot listen to stories...only read them

Anonymous said...

I received a grant and purchased a 4 headphone cordless listening center that hooks into my CD player. NO MORE tangled headphones!! I have trained the students on how to switch the CD when their book is finished. I also have several classroom Ipads that could be used to listen to reading (Tumble Books) but I am saving this for next year. Difficult to change mid-year...we are in a groove AND I can finally work with students.

Anonymous said...

I use 6 portable CD players in my classroom. I purchased 2 sets of plastic 3 drawer organizers, 12 x 12 size drawers, and each CD player is stored in its own drawer. I put tiny dot stickers on the play and stop buttons so that they knew which buttons they needed to use and I change the books each week in the drawers so that the students are not having to put in and take out the CDS. My students stay in one spot for the listening center, but if there are problems they bring me the whole drawer instead of carrying individual players. I have done this for 2 years and have never had a dropped CD player. Works great for me!

Cori Blubaugh said...

Two years ago I did a fundraiser for my class to get Leap Frog TAG readers. We went to Souplantation, and they gave us some profit for the sales for that night. From that fundraiser, and from some parent donation I had $300 to start up my program. I bought 6 TAG readers, and 3 books for each TAG reader. I've bought more books since then. I can find books on clearance quite often at Target. Once I teach the kids to use these they are completely independent and engaged the rest of the year. I love them!

The Frizz said...

I am SO glad you posted about this! I am going through a similar struggle right now and am loving the ideas.

My listening centers consist of two ipod touches (with word work games or listening center...I recorded myself reading books and turned it into an itunes file), a cd player with 3 headphones, and 3 computers. My students are still struggling with getting on the computer and logging into the programs I want them to. But for the most part it works.

Let me know what you decide to do! I'm all ears for ideas :)

The Frizz

The Frizz in First Grade

Mrs. Larremore said...

Thanks so much everyone!! Your ideas are great!! I am so glad I asked.

Katie P. said...

We used our technology money 2 years ago to buy 20 iPod touches for 1st grade to share. Over the summer, I recorded all of my books on tape and books on CD into GarageBand on my Mac and it converts them into mp3s for iTunes. Each month, I put out 4 books with a recording sheet (with things like find the author, find the illustrator, write 6 word wall words you found, draw your favorite part, Beginning, Middle and End, etc) and they scroll through the iPod to find the correct title. They love using the iPods and they each came with headphones, so it isn't noisy at all. Hope you find a system that works for you!!

Katie :)