Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Procedural Texts and Writing

This week we are talking about procedural texts. Today we looked at cookbooks and talked about recipes. Then we used a recipe to make fruit salad. After my students made their fruit salads they wrote their own procedural texts to show what they did.

My kids were having trouble writing more than one sentence without adding the word "and" over and over and  placing periods in the wrong places so I started having them write multiple sentences on a topic in different boxes. That is why I divided their writing paper into three sections today. Once they get better at writing multiple sentences on the same topic I will have them put them all in one paragraph or on one page.

Get the fruit. Stir the fruit. Eat the fruit.

Put the fruit in the cup. Stir the fruit. Eat the fruit. 

I'm making fruit salad. I am stirring. I am eating. 

I get the fruit for my fruit salad. I stir the fruit. I love fruit salad. I can eat fruit salad. 

Put in the fruit. I stir my fruit. I eat my fruit. 

These examples came from a teammate of mine. She was working with her kids on telling a story. She started them off with the first picture and sentence about seeing a dog. Then they made up their own story and filled in the next two boxes themselves. 

I see a dog. I play with the dog. I go home. 


Ms Lilypad said...

I literally taught this same lesson today - fruit salad to start a procedural writing unit - and I thought I was all unique in my idea. Too funny! :) I use the Lucy Calkins paper but love how you had them use the divided paper like that. Do you eventually switch them over to different paper for procedural writing, or just stick with that style?

Mrs. Larremore said...

I will switch them over. We tried basic writing paper first and it was not working for them so I had to break it down. They were having too much trouble separating their sentences. I am not sure why it is harder for this group than others I have had but it is. I will move forward with them as soon as they are ready.

Amanda Stefanyk said...

Hi. I really like this idea! I have just started teaching and will be teaching kindergarten for the first time this upcoming term (I live in Australia so the students are still in school). The focus for this term will also be procedural texts. I love this idea, and I will definitely use it. What other lesson plans do you have for teaching procedural text? I have been looking all over the internet and feel a little overwhelmed and not sure about how to sequence the lessons... Any advice or ideas would greatly help. Thanks